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A Short bio

Jim's epigram about our times:
Dissimulato augeat dum se calumnietur.
"Let the hypocrisy increase to become a parody of itself."

Here's a brief tour of a few of my projects.

I spent the last 5 years running a series of biochar start-ups in Colorado, and recently sold Biochar Engineering Corporation to a private company that wants to scale-up the technology. Biochar is a charcoal-based soil amendment that has the potential to remove net carbon from the atmosphere, while improving soil fertility, and in the near term cleaning up and restoring degraded mine-sites.

We spun-off the existing field-scale technology to a new company, Biochar Solutions focused on using forestry waste for mine-land restoration.

For the past twelve years I have been focused on catalyzing a network using digital technology to address global ecology, democracy and the other pressing systemic issues. Planetwork has once again become my main focus as social media has come of age and yet still falls far short of what we envisioned over a decade ago.

Planetwork has produced a number of events, including three major conferences, an online journal and a series of monthly networking events, in half a dozen cites around the country. The network has been at the forefront of online social networking and digital identity, producing the ASN White Paper as part of an effort to influence the deployment of digital identity to support the needs of civil society by creating open social networking protocols.

The May 2000 PLANETWORK Conference
Global Ecology and Information Technology
May 12-14, 2000 at the Presidio in San Francisco


Around the time of the first Planetwork conference in 2000 I was deeply engaged in Tibetan Buddhist practice, and through a series of fortuitous events, his holiness the Dalai Lama came to stay at my residence Solstice Grove Institute for three days while giving teachings at Spirit Rock.


This image represents my long-term thesis about our times:


  Inflection Point  

Three projects representing scientific visualization tools for physics, chemistry and anatomy.

Newtonian Physics Symbols




Spiral Periodic Table of the Elements

Each element is plotted on a radial representing the number of electrons, while the radius represents the number of protons, and the size of the sphere represents the effective atomic radius, thus various ionization states can also be included.


Pythagorean Vitruvian Man


In this elaboration of the Vitruvian Man, an equilateral triangle, representing the symmetry system 3, and a pentagram, representing the system 5, are added to the square, representing the system 4, to complete all three Pythagorean families of symmetry, all in the golden mean relationship to the radius of the circle. The key to the puzzle is that the golden mean of half of the edge length they all share, sets the height to that edge at the arms.


Early Computer Graphic Art & Speculations on the Evolution of Consciousness

Jan 23, 1997

Two people working on a social sculpture as a grassroots PR project inadvertently announced the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, globally, on CNN...


Dec 21, 1999

Three years later, I noticed that as precisely as modern astronomy can measure, the full moon on the Winter Solstice, 10 days before Y2K, marked the exact point on a 26,000 year cycle that would fulfill the astronomical definition of that event.


Essays and Musings

A variety of writing about a range of esoteric topics

Monetize Externalities as Uncounted Liabilities – Nov 25, 2001

Eclological Market Forces –– Forcing the Market – Oct 10, 2000
Establish the right of future generations to sue now for the loss of genetic biodiversity

Meta-Nature – Dec 23, 1999

Evolution, Entropy, and Work – June 1999
A paper presented at the International Society for Systems Science Conference, Asilomar, CA

Note: the conversion to html lost the footnotes on a number of the following essays

Notes on UFO & ET Phenomena – Jan 5, 1998

Quantum Mechanics Bessle Functions and the Tropical Zodiac – May 1, 1997

Synchronicity and Acausal Connectedness – Spring 1997

Anchient Mystery Religeons – Dec 1996

Psychophysics – Nov 11, 1996

Critical Notes on Stecchini & Thompkins – May 1996

Procession and the Pyramid – May 5, 1996


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